The myth and truth of Godhra       
By Arvind Lavakare

Since no ‘secularist’ or ‘liberal’ or ‘objective’ person ever challenged the above sets of figures, some questions arise: Who killed 200-odd Hindus so early in those riots? Was it the police or the Hindus themselves? And what made those 40,000 Hindus rush to relief camps? Was it fear of Hindu mob violence, rape, arson and murder?

Two recent ‘news briefs’ in print are critical evidence of a reality that’s been totally ignored by our ‘liberals’ who have, for four years running, gone on and on and on about the ‘genocide’ of Muslims in Gujarat after the sudden inferno in the S-6 compartment of Sabarmati Express had consumed 58 Hindus, including 26 women and 12 children, returning home after performing kar seva at Ayodhya.

In its edition of March 19, 2006, The Sunday Express carried the following report from Ahmedabad:

“Post-Godhra riot case: 7 get lifer
The city sessions court on Friday convicted seven people in a post-Godhra riot case and sentenced them to life term for the murder of 35-year-old Mukesh Panchal, a resident of Lambha. He was attacked by the accused and went missing on November 7, 2003 from Shah-e-Alam Darwaza. His mutilated body was found near Chandoka Lake on November 11. One of the seven accused—Javed Shaukat Ali—meanwhile managed to give the cops a slip and fled from the court.”

In its edition of Wednesday, March 29, 2006 The Indian Express carried the following report, also datelined Ahmedabad:

“Nine get jail in post-Godhra riot case
The city sessions court on Tuesday convicted nine accused in a post-Godhra riot case. Additional Sessions Judge Sonia Gokani sentenced Mushtaq alias Kanio Ahmed Sheikh to 10 years in jail for murder and attempt to murder. Eight others were sentenced to 18 months in prison for unlawful assembly, possessing weapons and rioting.”

Out of the five convictions so far in l’affaire Godhra, the above two rip the blindfold on Godhra that the country was subjected to since March 2002. Those two convictions conclusively prove that even as some Hindus in Vadodra, Ahmedabad and a few other parts of Gujarat were provoked into insane killing, arson and loot by the S-6 carnage, the Muslims in that state were hardly the cattle hiding from the slaughter house that they have been made out by the “secularists” in and outside our national English media. Do you, for instance, recall reading about the mutilation of Mukesh Panchal’s cadaver in any of the English print media? Did you hear a sound byte about it on our TV?

Yes, despite all the media and the consequent political, propaganda about the ‘genocide’ of Gujarat’s Muslims, the reality is that some of that community were also engaged in murder, rioting and unlawful assembly with arms in hand.

This trend was discernible to the objective person four years ago itself. Thus, in its issue of April 28, 2002, The Times of India reporter, Sanjay Pandey, told us that of the 726 people who had been killed by then in the post-Godhra riots, 168 were Hindus. In its issue of June 24, 2002, India Today carried an article saying that the official figure of all people killed in Gujarat in the three months following the S-6 massacre was 800, of which a quarter were Hindus. The Union Home Ministry’s Annual Report 2002-03 said that about a third of the total dead in the Godhra riots were Hindus. It also said that, at one stage, 40,000 Hindus were in riot relief camps.

Since no ‘secularist’ or ‘liberal’ or ‘objective’ person ever challenged the above sets of figures, some questions arise: Who killed 200-odd Hindus so early in those riots? Was it the police or the Hindus themselves? And what made those 40,000 Hindus rush to relief camps? Was it fear of Hindu mob violence, rape, arson and murder?

More proof of the blindfold on Godhra came in 2005, when the UPA coalition (comprising the ‘secular’ friends of Muslims) made a statement in Parliament that 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in those riots.

But our national media simply refused to remove the blindfold on Godhra. Hence it was that the elites of our society continued to rant about the Gujarat ‘pogrom of genocide’; some cussed Indians even conspired to deny a US visa to the Chief Minister of one of the country’s fastest developing states.

Aiding and abetting that conspiracy were reports from Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International et al. The National Human Rights Commission joined in; written lies by the likes of Arundhati Roy and fake e-mails added fuel to the fire. All of them went to town about the Gujarat ‘genocide’ with blinkers on, a blindfold underneath. None wanted to touch upon the minority community’s role in that tragedy.

But the latest criminal conviction of 16 Muslims evokes the recall of the Justice Tewatia Report on the Godhra issue published on April 26, 2002 under the aegis of the Council For International Affairs And Human Rights, based in New Delhi.

It was a report based on a six-day field study of a team headed by Justice D.S. Tewatia, former Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court and Punjab and Haryana High Court. Its other members were Dr J.C. Batra, senior advocate, Supreme Court, Dr Krishan Singh, academician, Jawahar Lal Kaul, veteran journalist, and Prof. B. K. Kuthiala, Dean, Faculty of Media Studies, G.J. University, Hisar.

The five-man team visited three affected areas and relief camps in Ahmedabad, interacting freely with the public and members of both communities, and without government interference. In Godhra, five delegations from both communities and also of mixed composition presented their views and facts to the team. Similarly, free discussions with the public and affected communities were held in Vadodra at seven affected areas and five relief camps. It collected information from the staff at the Godhra Railway Station, district administration, including the Collector and Police Commissioner, passengers traveling in Sabarmati Express on 27.02.02 in S-6 compartment as well as in other compartments, staff of the Fire Brigade, Godhra, reports in 22 newspapers and nine magazines (local, regional and Delhi) and views on media coverage articulated by some 500 persons including intellectuals like lawyers, doctors and businessmen. The site where the train was initially stopped and stoned was also visited. A high point was that 13 delegations consisting of 121 citizens met Justice Tewatia’s team and presented their viewpoints and information. The delegations ranged from the Association of Hoteliers to a group of Vanvasis and affected Muslim as well as Hindu women.

Based on the considerable oral, audio and visual evidence obtained from the above interactions, the Justice Tewatia team’s conclusions most relevant to the blindfold on Godhra were as follows:

  1. Burning of 58 Hindu pilgrims on February 27, 2002 was an act carried out at the behest of then government of Pakistan which had planned to burn the entire Sabarmati Express carrying some 2000 passengers. The primary objective was to create Hindu-Muslim communal conflagration in India. The actual perpetrators were jehadi elements in the predominantly Muslim town of Godhra where

    1. a very high traffic of telephone calls was recorded between Godhra and Pakistan, especially Karachi, before the date of the carnage

    2. an abnormally large number of passports were issued,

    3. there was a large number of persons without ration cards

    4. a large number of unemployed Muslims had mobile phones,

    5. though there is no tradition of being a Muslim pilgrim center and the local Muslims are not affluent, three istema (religious gatherings) have been held and attended by large numbers of foreigners, and

    6. an Assistant Collector (a young Muslim from eastern UP) went on leave two days before the gory incident and did not return till the middle of March though the district of his posting was aflame with communal riots much earlier.

  2. The vacuum pipe between the Coaches No. S-6 and S-7 was cut thereby preventing any further movement of the train. Miscreants threw bricks and stones at the train as soon as it left Godhra railway station. The stoning intensified after it finally stopped about 700 metres from the station. The passengers of the train, particularly Coaches S-5, S-6 and S-7, were the main targets. Burning missiles and acid bulbs were thrown on and in the coaches. One such acid missile landed in Coach S-7 and a fire started which the passengers were able to extinguish. But the attack continued and more burning missiles were thrown into the Coach S-6.

  3. In an effort to control the subsequent riots, the Gujarat government

  4. Publicly announced its decision to employ the Army on the evening of the day riots began on February 28 (Within less than 24 hours at least one brigade of Indian Army had air-landed at Ahmedabad),

  5. Made preventive arrests of over 33,000 people,

  6. Fired over 12,000 rounds of bullets,

  7. Fired over 15,000 rounds of tear gas shells,

  8. The involvement of Vanvasis in the post-Godhra riots added a new dimension to the communal violence. In rural areas the Vanvasis attacked the Muslim moneylenders, shopkeepers and the forest contractors. They used their traditional bow and arrows as also their implements used to cut trees and grass while attacking Muslims. They moved in groups and used coded signals for communication. Apparently, the accumulated anger of years of exploitation by Muslim moneylenders (interest of 50 per cent per annum), shopkeepers and forest contractors had become explosive after moneylenders sexually exploited their womenfolk.

  9. The media selected, distorted and added fiction to prove their respective points of view. The code of ethics prescribed by the Press Council of India was violated by the media with impunity. It so enraged the citizens that several concerned citizens in the disturbed areas suggested that peace could return to the state only if some of the TV channels were closed for some weeks. Even the Vanvasis complained that the media had no time to hear their agony and was spreading canards against the Hindus. Newspapers published in English from Delhi invariably editorialised the news. Direct and indirect comments in the news writing were so telling that the personal likes and dislikes of the news reporters were too obvious to be missed. They appeared to have assumed the role of crusaders against the State Government from day one. It coloured the entire operation of newsgathering, feature writing and editorials.

Conclusions 1 to 4 above are indicators as to why our national media, ever afraid to criticise the Muslim and ever ready to indulge in BJP/Hindu bashing, bypassed the Justice Tewatia Report, despite its high credentials and the fact that it was publicly released at a press conference in New Delhi. After all, our ‘secular’ national media simply could not have tolerated giving even a line to report’s conclusion 5 above. Hence, they simply buried the whole report itself, put a blindfold on the country vision of it. After all, they had found their Hindu-bashing agenda in the post-Godhra riots and they were hell-bent in pushing it full steam, right up to the Supreme Court and beyond to the United Nations.

Will the criminal conviction of 16 by two separate sessions judges in Ahmedabad remove the blindfold on Godhra that the ‘monster media’ put on the people of this country?

(The writer can be contacted at 202, Dosti Erica, Antop Hill, Wadala (E), Mumbai 400 037.)  URL: http://www.organiser.org/dynamic/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=129&page=17

Ayodhya and After – by Koenraad Elst @ http://koenraadelst.voiceofdharma.org/books/ayodhya/ch1.htm

——————-More below ———————-

Gujarat has outgrown riot

 – Swapan Dasgupta, Pioneer

A decade ago, during President Clinton’s embarrassment over his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, the White House spin doctors excelled themselves. At a time when the world was eagerly awaiting the publication of the Starr inquiry report, the President’s image handlers put out the word that this was a hurdle he would find extremely hard to negotiate. Soon the beltway was agog with speculation of an extremely damaging report and Clinton’s imminent resignation.
The Starr report, when it was released, was certainly an indictment of Clinton’s waywardness. However, it was nowhere as damaging as the political grapevine anticipated. In the backdrop of soaring expectations, the Starr report came to be viewed as a virtual exoneration of the President and provided him a much-needed political respite. Clinton’s handlers successfully created a mismatch between promise and delivery and neutralised the potentially damaging effects of the Starr inquiry.
The editors of Tehelka certainly succeeded in creating a buzz over a sting operation they promised would be “the most important story of our time” — a claim that invoked visions of Bob Woodward emulating what the Google advertisement suggested the Indiana Jones’ of the world do: Retire. It was also known that the story would centre on Gujarat and the one man who has defied the stormtroopers of secular fundamentalism. With Assembly elections a few weeks away, Tehelka’s hype suggested that this was the end of the road for Narendra Modi.
There was never any ambiguity over the central aim of the sting: To secure the downfall of Modi. The covert filming of half-crazed killers and braggarts had one objective: To somehow implicate Modi. The reporter Ashis Khetan quite openly admits that he was initially despatched to Gujarat to do “a sting operation on Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s involvement in a spate of fake encounter killings.”When that pre-judged investigation failed, Tehelka fell back on the riots of 2002. It successfully exposed the warped minds of those who participated in the killings. However, there is no question that the sting was driven by the sole aim of securing the downfall of Modi by non-electoral means. Journalism was the means to a political objective.
Journalists are not historians; they live for the moment. The bloodshed that began with the jihadi arson in Godhra has been in the public domain for five years.The butchery at Naroda Patiya and the Gulbarga Housing Society in Ahmedabad has been dissected and some of the perpetrators identified and charged in the courts. Activists have made films on the 2002 riots and been showered with awards by a grateful Congress establishment.
Novels centred on the Gujarat riots have routinely filled the remaindered sections of warehouses and “academic” studies have argued that “Hindu militancy” poses a greater threat than Al Qaeda.
The only problem with this inspired activism was that it left Modi politically unscathed. In the five years since the riots, Modi has established a few things. First, he has conclusively demonstrated that he has the popular mandate. Second, that despite loony voices on both sides of the sectarian divide, he is not going to be bogged down by identity politics.There have been no riots in the past five years and hopefully this track record will persist. The thrust of his administration has been rapid economic growth, administrative efficiency and modernisation. In five years, Modi has not only aroused regional pride, he has made Gujarat the best governed State.
The riots — horrible as they were – are fast becoming history. The people of Gujarat, both Hindus and Muslims, have moved on. No one, and certainly not the Congress, wanted the forthcoming elections to be dominated by sectarian tensions. There are other pressing concerns. By resurrecting the riots, without at the same time being able to nail Modi personally, the sting has raised the communal temperature needlessly and fuelled minority victimhood.
This is not to suggest that Tehelka shouldn’t have exposed the monsters; it should just have avoided the desperate search for a high political dividend.

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7 responses to “** TRUTH OF GODHRA

  1. Sonia Gandhi accuses Modi and his administration that they
    were “Merchants of Death”.

    However, she forgetst that her grand father-in-law, Jawaharlal Nehru
    and other Congress leaders as well as Muslim League leaders like Jinnah
    who agreed to the partition of India were also “Merchants of Death”.

    The partition resulted in millions of Hindu, Muslims and Sikhs being murdered.
    She also forget s that Nehru referred the Kashmir issue to the United Nations
    instead of solving it once for all by letting Indian troops capture the whole of J & K.
    The Kashmir problem created by Jawharlal Nehru has resulted in so many deaths, till this day.
    Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India was therefore ” Merchant of Death”.

    Sonia Gandhi also forgets that her mother-in-law, Indira Gandhi by conducting the
    “Operation Blue Star” killed many people as she wanted to be considered as a Durga
    by launching the “Operation Blue Star”. She too was” Merchant of Death”

    Then, Sonia Gandhi’s husband, Rajeev Gandhi was another “Merchant of Death”as he ordered
    the killing and actually massacre of thousands of Sikhs following the killing of his mother by
    her two fanatic Sikh body guards.

    Then came the time of VP Singh, another “Merchant of Death” who invoked
    Mandal Commission’s report resulting in the suicides and killings of many persons.

    Then, the people who perpetrated the demolition of Babri Masjid disputed structure
    were also merchants of death as their action resulted in Bombay riots and Bombay blasts.

    Of course, there are so many other politicians who are also “Merchants of Death”.
    “Nandigram”is the naked dance perpetrted by the “Merchants of Death” in Bengal, but
    Sonia Gandhi does not think so.

    by B. P. SINGHAL, IPS. (Retd.), Ex-MP Rajya Sabha.


    It was state sponsored ‘TERRORISM’.
    It was a well planned ‘GENOCIDE’
    It was ‘POGROM’.

    This is what the secularists had said in screaming headlines day after day after day in 2002,
    in the Delhi based “SECULAR” English dailies and the “SECULAR” electronic media.
    So complete was the Goebblesian propaganda and so effective was the concealment of truth, that even the Supreme Court lost its judicial balance and without verifying what steps the Government of Gujarat had taken, it went on to write on page 72 of its judgement in the
    Best Bakery Case that, “The modern day NEROS were looking elsewhere when Best Bakery and innocent children and helpless women were burning ………..”.

    It was media power at its worst that caused this unwarranted outburst from the Hon’ble Supreme Court. All the Gujarat language dailies were giving truthful accounts which were
    at complete variance with the Delhi based Media.

    “The Hindu”, the leading-most South India daily reported on 1st March 2002 : “The Chief Minister Modi frantically asked for the Army units to be called in.” On 2nd March 2002 ‘The Hindu’ reported : “Unlike February 28 when one community was entirely at the receiving end, the minority backlash on 1 st March has further worsened the situation ………. and the Army staged a flag march in Ahemedabad on 1 st March 2002 at 9.00 A.M.”

    It was therefore truly shocking that on 25.8.2007, “Aaj Tak” harped on the same old refrain that “Modi did not call the army until three days had passed”. Even more outrageous was their insistance on this point. When “Aaj Tak” contacted me on phone to get my response, I told the anchor that the GODHRA carnage took place on February 27 th 2002, that the Hindu backlash commenced on February 28th and the Army was doing flag march on the forenoon of March 1st ………… He cut me short by saying that “this is exactly what we had said, no action was taken by Modi on 29 th, 30th and 31st thus giving three clear days to the murderers ……..” I had to cut him short by reminding him that the date 28 th was 28th of February 2002 and there was no 29 th, 30th or 31st in that month. The phone was of course disconnected. However, it has to be said to the credit of “Aaj Tak” and “Headlines Today” that they called me for a full length studio debate from 9.15 P.M. to 11.45 P.M. next day. But the details of that debate shall have to wait. For the present, however, it is imperative that certain facts are stated to prevent perpetuation of the LIES propagated in 2002.

    Fact 1:
    That SHOOT AT SIGHT ORDERS had been given by the Government on 28th itself.
    Being an Ex-DGP and also a Member of Parliament at that time, I was personally in touch with the office of DGP Gujarat and the Commissioner of Police Ahemedabad. I was keen to tell them, (a) To call in the Army atonce and (b) To issue “SHOOT AT SIGHT” orders to all officers of the rank of Sub-Inspectors and above. It was very comforting to learn that the Government of Gujarat had already taken both those steps by 2.30 P.M. on 28 th February itself. In fact the State Government had also requested for Armed Police reinforcements from neighbouring states, besides calling for the Army.

    Fact 2:
    On the 28th February itself 10 Hindus had been shot dead and 16 Hindus had been wounded by POLICE BULLETS.

    Fact 3:
    On the next day i.e., 1st March an additional 24 Hindus were shot dead and 40 Hindus wounded by POLICE BULLETS.

    Fact 4:
    In the entire period of riots total Hindu casualties were 80 shot dead, and 207 wounded by POLICE BULLETS alone. (But no Delhi-based media showed any interest in giving coverage to these casualties.)

    Fact 5:
    The Muslim counter attack which commenced from 1st March 2002 was no less ferocious.
    In the first three days, out of a total of 611 deaths, 101 were caused by POLICE FIRING.
    Of these 61 were Hindus and 40 were Muslims.

    Fact 6:
    As on 5th of March, as many as 40,000 Hindus had to be given shelter in Relief Camps. (There was plenty of media coverage given to the plight of Muslims in relief camps but no Delhi-based media covered any Hindu relief camps.)

    Fact 7:
    In answer to the Parliament questions, the UPA Home Minister gave the figures of casualties during Gujarat riots. There were Muslims killed 790, Hindus killed 254, wounded 2500 in all missing 223. Thus this proves the lies that what happened in Gujarat was a one-sided affair for every three Muslims who died in Gujarat, one Hindu was also killed.

    Such heavy casualties in riot control are UNPRECEDENTED in the entire history of Indian Police. The figures of casualties caused by Police firing in the first three days alone indicate the FEROCITY of Police action. (And the “SECULAR” PARTIES and their MEDIA cohorts even to this day proclaim unabashedly that Modi ordered the Police “to look the other way” to give a free hand to murderers for three days). If they have any respect for TRUTH, they can cross-check the casualties with the records of the concerned hospitals. The Police is duty bound to carry the dead or the wounded in Police firings to the concerned Government hospitals.

    With the Muslim counter attack commencing from 1st March onwards till the riots were
    quelled altogether, what took place in Gujarat was a full-fledged Hindu-Muslim Riot.
    It was no GENOCIDE, or POGROM, or STATE TERRORISM against the Muslims of Gujarat. “No modern day ‘NERO’ was looking elsewhere”. The modern day Chief Minister was dealing with the situation as best as was possible with the highly limited forces at his command.

    Because of the spontaneous conflagration at scores and scores of locations, it is entirely possible that the Police or Because of the spontaneous conflagration at scores and scores of locations, it is entirely possible that the Police or Fire brigade may have failed to reach a scene for hours, OR, having been spread so thin, the posse of Police that did reach the scene was deterred from intervening by the sheer ferocity of violence at that point in time. But to say that Police was restrained as a measure of Government POLICY is completely belied by the sheer immensity of casualties caused by Police firings.

    The insane FEROCITY and BRUTALITY with which Ram Bhaktas including “innocent children and helpless women” were roasted alive at Godhra set the benchmark for the equally insane ferocity of the Hindu backlash and the ferocity of the Hindu backlash was followed by an equally insanely ferocious counter attack by the Muslims.

    The Delhi-based media made out as though the whole of Gujarat was in flames.
    It concealed the fact that out of 18,600 villages, 240 Municipal towns and 25 Districts,
    the number of locations that were affected by riots was just 60.
    The examinations in Schools, Colleges and Universities were conducted as per schedule
    during the period of riots.

    Irrefutable confirmation that it was a Communal RIOT and not a GENOCIDE or
    POGROM, came from the verdicts of Courts in POST-GODHRA riots cases:
    (i) Deccan Herald reported on May 2004: Conviction of 3 confessing Muslims for
    7 years for attempted murder.
    (ii) Indian Express dated 19.03.2006 reported: 7 Muslims convicted for life for the
    murder of Mukesh Panchaal.
    (iii) Indian Express dated 29.03.2006 reported: 9 Muslims convicted for attempted
    murder and Arms Act with sentences ranging from 10 years to 18 months.
    (iv) Indian Express dated 19.05.2006 reported: 4 Muslims nailed by DNA tests and
    convicted for LIFE.

    While the “SECULAR” Parties and the “SECULAR” Delhi-based Media singled out the
    Hindu backlash for mega-publicity, they BLANKED OUT the Godhra carnage, as well as
    the Muslim counter attack for reasons best known to them. As a result, all the Goebblesian propaganda had to bite the dust when the BJP was not only returned to serve Gujarat for a second term, by an overwhelming majority in the legislature, in the Post-Godhra-Post-Gujarat elections, but also continued to win the Corporation, the Municipal and the Gram Sabha elections with overwhelming margins.

    Tehelka and the sponsors of Tehelka have once again tried to vitiate communal harmony
    not only of Gujarat but of the entire country. People overwhelmingly believe that the Tehelka “sting operation” was sponsored by the Congress. If it is so, then, this would be the third major attempt of the “SECULAR” Congress to stoke the communal flames in the country. The first major attempt was made through the Sachar Commission who ordered a headcount of Muslims in India’s Defence Forces. Thanks to the Army Chief who firmly put his foot down to prevent the communal virus from infecting the Army. The second attempt was made when the Government of India filed the affidavit in the Supreme Court, in the Sethusamudram case wherein it QUESTIONED the very existence of Sri Ram.

    Now by sponsoring Tehelka, “Sting operation” it made a despicable third attempt to communalize the Indian Polity. What Tehelka “Sting operation” has done, clearly attracts Section 153A of the IPC and if Congress has not sponsored this “Sting operation” then it should not hesitate to prosecute Tehelka u/s 153A IPC. As Tehelka as well as the T.V. Channels who aired those tapes are headquartered at Delhi, it is the Delhi Police and consequently the Government of India to take the legal action against them u/s 153A IPC.

    Nobody could have had any grouse if “Tehelka” and the T.V. Channels had passed on those tapes to the Supreme Court, for suitable action, or even telecasted the so-called confessions
    of VHP activists or the BJP MLA for the information of the people. And, if indeed, those confessions are genuine and have any evidentiary value in them, then the law must take its course against those whose guilt is stablished. The real MISCHIEF that attracts Section
    153A IPC is the JUXTAPOSITION AND INTERSPERSION of rising flames and
    bellowing smoke with the earlier recorded bytes of the Gujarat riots, accompanied with crashing cymbals, beats of drums, screaming voices, and the highly provocative comments
    of the ‘anchors’ of the channels that aired those tapes.

    There is a clear intention to inflame communal passions through what all was telecast in the name of “Gujarat ka Sach”, and it would be dangerous for the future of the country if such a nefarious act goes unpunished by default of the UPA Government.

    Date: 29.10.2007
    (B. P. SINGHAL)
    IPS. (Retd.), Ex-MP Rajya Sabha

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  7. Thank you sir! your article is very informative. what is the solution for this media discrimination against Hindus?

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